Publications from the Section for Plant Biochemistry - Birger Lindberg Møller

Publications 2012

  1. C.K. Blomstedt, R.M. Gleadow, N. O'Donnell et al.: A combined biochemical screen and TILLING approach identifies mutations in Sorgum bicolor L. Moench resulting in acyanogenic production Sorghum bicolor L. Moench resulting in acyanogenic forage production.  Plant Biotechnology Journal A combined biochemical screen and TILLING approach identifies mutations in Sorghum bicolor L. Moench resulting in acyanogenic forage production. Plant Biotechnology Journal 10(1)54-56 (2012) 
  2. K. Jensen, J. B. Johnston, P. R. Ortiz de Montellano and B. L. Møller: Photosystem I from plants as a bacterial cytochrome P450 surrogate electron donor: terminal hydroxylation of branched hydrocarbon chains surrogate electron donor: terminal hydroxylation of branched hydrocarbon chains  Biotechnology Letters 34: 239–245 (2012) doi: 10.1007/s10529-011-0768-4 
  3. K. Jensen, P. E. Jensen and B. L. Møller: Light-driven chemical synthesis  Trends in Plant Science 17(2): 1360-1385 (2012) 
  4. M. Wadsater, T. Laursen, A. Singha, N. S. Hatzakis, D. Stamou, R. Barker, K. Mortensen, R. Feidenhans'l, B. L. Moller and M. Cardenas: Monitoring Shifts in the Conformation Equilibrium of the Membrane Protein Cytochrome P450 Reductase (POR) in Nanodiscs  Journal of Biological Chemistry (2012)  - in press
  5. R. Sánchez-Pérez, F. Sáez, J. Borch, F. Dicenta, B. L. Møller and K. Jørgensen: Prunasin hydrolases during fruit development in sweet and bitter almonds  Plant Physiology 77: 260–267 (2012) 
  6. S. Saito, M. S. Motawia , C. E. Olsen, B. L. Møller and S. Bak: Biosynthesis of rhodiocyanosides in Lotus japonicus; Rhodiocyanoside A is synthesized from (Z)-2-methylbutanaloxime via 2-methyl-2-butenenitrile  Phytochemistry 77: 260–267 (2012) 
  7. T. Frisch and B. L. Møller: Possible evolution of alliarinoside biosynthesis from the glucosinolate pathway in Alliaria petiolata  FEBS Journal 279: 1545–1562 (2012) 

Publications 2011

  1. M. Zagrobelny Larsen and B.L. Møller: Cyanogenic glucosides in the biological warfare between plants and insects: the Burnet moth- Birdsfoot trefoil model system.  Phytochemistry 72(13): 1585-1592 (2011) 
  2. A. M. Takos, C. Knudsen, D. Lai et al. Mikkelsen, Mohammed Saddik Motawia, Carl Erik Olsen, Shusei Sato, Satoshi Tabata, Kirsten Jørgensen, Birger Lindberg Møller, Fred Rook: Genomic clustering of cyanogenic glucoside biosynthetic genes aids their identification in Lotus japonicus and suggests the repeated evolution of this chemical defense pathway  The Plant Journal 68(2): 273-286 (2011) doi: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2011.04685.x 
  3. E. Neilson, J.Q Goodger; M.S. Motawia, N Bjarnholt, T. Frisch, C. E.Olsen, B.L. Møller, I.E. Woodrow: Phenylalanine derived cyanogenic diglucosides from Eucalyptus camphora and their abundances in relation to ontogeny and tissue type  Phytochemistry 72(18):2325-2334 (2011) 
  4. K. Jensen, P.E. Jensen, B.L. Møller: Light-driven cytochrome P450 hydroxylations.  ACS Chemical Biology 6(6): 533-539 (2011) 
  5. K. Jensen, S. A. Osmani, T. Hamann, P. Naur and B. L. Møller: Homology modeling of the three membrane proteins of the dhurrin metabolon: Catalytic sites, membrane surface association and protein–protein interactions.  Phytochemistry 71: 2113-2123 (2011) 
  6. K. Jørgensen, A.V. Morant, M. Morant, N.B. Jensen, C.E. Olsen, R. Kannangara, M.S. Motawia, B.L. Moller and S. Bak: Biosynthesis of the Cyanogenic Glucosides Linamarin and Lotaustralin in Cassava: Isolation, Biochemical Characterization, and Expression Pattern of CYP71E7, the Oxime-Metabolizing Cytochrome P450 Enzyme .  Plant Physiology 155(1):282-292 (2011) 
  7. N. Bjerg-Jensen, M. Zagrobelny, K. Hjernø, C.E. Olsen, J. Houghton-Larsen, J. Borch, B.L. Møller and S. Bak: Convergent evolution in biosynthesis of cyanogenic defence compounds in plants and insects.  Nature Communications 2:273 (2011) 
  8. R. Kannangara, M.S. Motawia, N.K.K. Hansen, S.M. Paquette, C.E. Olsen, B.L. Møller and K. Jørgensen: Characterization and expression profile of two UDP-glucosyltransferases, UGT85K4 and UGT85K5, catalyzing the last step in cyanogenic glucoside biosynthesis in cassava.  The Plant Journal 68(2):287-301 (2011) doi: 10.1111/j.1365-313.2011.04695.X 

Publications 2010

  1. A.R. Brochado, C. Matos, B.L. Møller, J. Hansen, U.H. Mortensen and K.R. Patil: Improved vanillin production in baker's yeast through in silico design.  Microbial Cell Factories 9:84 (2010) doi: 10.1186/1475-2859-9-84 
  2. B.L. Møller: Functional diversifications of cyanogenic glucosides.  Current Opinion in Plant Biology 13:337-346 (2010) 
  3. B.L. Møller: Functioning dependent metabolons.  Science 330:1328-1329 (2010) 
  4. I. Damager, S.B. Engelsen, A. Blennow, B.L. Møller and M.S. Motawia: First principles insight into the a-glucan structures of starch: their synthesis, conformation and hydration.  Chemical Reviews 110:2049-2080 (2010) doi: 10.1021/cr900227t 
  5. K. Jensen and B.L. Møller: Plant NADPH-cytochrome P450 oxidoreductases.  Phytochemistry 71:132-141 (2010) 
  6. K. Refsgaard, N. Bjarnholt, B.L. Møller, M.S. Motawia and H.C.B. Hansen: Dissipation of cyanogenic glucosides and cyanide in soil amended with white clover (Trifolium repens L.).  Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42:1108-1113 (2010) doi: 10.1016/j.soilbio.2010.03.008 
  7. L. H. Skibsted and B.L. Møller: Genmodificerede fødevarer.  In: Menneskets ernæring pp 325-338 (2010) Eds. Arne Astrup, Susanne Bügel, Jørn Dyerberg and Steen Stender 
  8. M. Morant, C. Ekstrøm, P. Ulvskov, C. Kristensen, M. Rudemo, C.E. Olsen, J. Hansen, B.L. Møller and S. Bak: Metabolomic, transcriptional, hormonal, and signaling cross-talk in Superroot 2.  Molecular Plant 3:192-211 (2010) 
  9. M.S. Mikkelsen, B.M. Jespersen, B.L. Moller, et al.: Comparative spectroscopic and rheological studies on crude and purified soluble barley and oat beta-glucan preparations.  Food Research International 43(10):2417-2424 (2010) 
  10. M.S. Nielsen, B.M. Jespersen, A. Karlsson, H.T. Simonsen, B.L. Møller, H.N. Lærke, F.H. Larsen and S.B. Engelsen: Comparative structural and rheological studies on barley and oat ß-glucan products: Glucagel™ and PromOat™  Cereal Chemistry (2010)  - submitted
  11. N. Skar-Gislinge, J. Simonsen, K. Mortensen, R. Feidenshans'l, S. Sligar, B.L. Møller, T. Bjørnholm and L. Arleth: Elliptical Structure of Phospholipid Bilayer Nanodiscs Encapsulated by Scaffold Proteins: Casting the Roles of the Lipids and the Protein.  Journal of the Amercian Chemical Society 132(39)13713–13722 (2010) 
  12. T. Laursen, K. Jensen and B.L. Møller: Conformational changes of the NADPH-dependent cytochrome P450 reductase in the course of electron transfer to cytochromes P450.  BBA - Proteins & Proteomics 1814: 132-138 (2010) 

Publications 2009

  1. A.A. Dobritsa, J. Shrestha, M. Morant, F. Pinot, M. Matsuno, R. Swanson, B.L. Møller and D. Preuss: CYP704B1 is a Long-chain Fatty Acid w-Hydroxylase Essential for Sporopollenin Synthesis in Pollen of Arabidopsis thaliana.  Plant Physiology 151:574-589 (2009) 
  2. E. H. Hansen, S. A. Osmani, C. Kristensen, B. L. Møller, J. Hansen: Substrate specificities of family 1 UGTs gained by domain swapping.  Phytochemistry 70: 473-482 (2009) 
  3. E.H Hansen, B.L Møller, G.R Kock, C.M Bünner, C. Kristensen, O.R Jensen, F.T Okkels, C.E Olsen, M.S Motawia and J. Hansen: De novo biosynthesis of vanillin in fission and baker's yeast.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75: 2765-2774 (2009) 
  4. H.T. Simonsen, M.S Nielsen, N.J Christensen, U. Chrisensen, T.V La Cour, M.S Motawia, B.P.M Jespersen, S.B Engelsen and B.L Møller: Molecular Interactions between Barley and Oat ß-Glucans and Phenolic Derivatives  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57: 2056-2064 (2009) 
  5. M. Lehmann, M. Schwarzländer, T. Obata, S. Sirikantaramas, M. Burow, C.E. Olsen, T. Tohge, M.D. Fricker, B.L. Møller, A.R. Fernie, L.J. Sweetlove, M. Laxa: The metabolic response of Arabidopsis roots to oxidative stress is distinct from that of heterotrophic cells in culture and highlights a complex relationship between the levels of transcripts, metabolites and flux.  Molecular Plant 2: 390-406 (2009) 
  6. M. Zagrobelny, A.L. Dreon, T. Gomiero, G. Marcazzan, M.A. Glaring, B.L. Møller and M.G. Paoletti: Toxic moths: a truly safe delicacy.  Journal of Ethnobiology 29: 64-76 (2009) 
  7. M. Zagrobelny, K. Scheibye-Alsing, N.B. Jensen, B.L. Møller, J. Gorodkin and S. Bak: 454 pyrosequencing based transcriptome analysis of Zygaena filipendulae with focus on genes involved in biosynthesis of cyanogenic glucosides.  BMC Genomics 10:574 (2009) doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-574 
  8. P. Krogsgaard-Larsen, B.L. Møller, E. H. Larsen, B. Vestergaard, C. Lunde and P. Stæhr: Synergies with the natural sciences at the University of Copenhagen - an interfaculty evaluation of barriers and opportunities to improve the quality of infrastructure, research and education.  Ed. J. Andersen ISBN 978-87-90655-79-2 (2009) 43 pp 
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  11. S.A. Osmani, E.H. Hansen, C. Malien-Aubert, C.E. Olsen, S. Bak and B.L. Møller: Effect of glucuronosylation on anthocyanin color stability.  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 8: 3149-3155 (2009) 
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  13. T. Hamann, T. Laursen and B.L. Møller: Functional expression of N-terminally tagged membrane bound cytochrome P450.  Protein Expression and Purification. 68: 18-21 (2009) 

Publications 2008

  1. A.V. Morant, K. Jørgensen, S.M. Paquette, R. Sánchez-Pérez, B.L. Møller and S. Bak: Beta-Glucosidases as Detonators of Plant Chemical Defense.  Phytochemistry 69: 1795-1813 (2008) 
  2. A.V. Morant, N. Bjarnholt, M.E. Kragh, C.H. Kjærgaard, K. Jørgensen, S.M. Paquette, M. Piotrowski, A. Imberty, C.E. Olsen, B.L. Møller and S. Bak: The beta-glucosidases responsible for bio-activation of hydroxynitrile glucosides in Lotus japonicus.  Plant Physiology 147: 1072-1091 (2008) 
  3. B.L. Møller: Om at plante fremtiden.  GMO og EU's fremtidige fødevareproduktion. (ed. R.V. Rasmussen) 13-19 (2008) ISBN: 678-87-87803-06-9.
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Publications 2007

  1. A.V. Morant, K. Jørgensen, B. Jørgensen, W. Dam, C.E. Olsen, B. L. Møller and S. Bak: Lessons learned from metabolic engineering of cyanogenic glucosides  Metabolomics 3: 383-398 (2007) 
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  5. M. Zagrobelny, S. Bak, C.E. Olsen and B.L. Møller: Intimate roles for cyanogenic glucosides in the life cycle of Zygaena filipendulae (Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae)  Insect Biochemisty and Molecular Biology 37:1189-1197 (2007) 
  6. M. Zagrobelny, S. Bak, C.T. Ekstrøm, C.E. Olsen and B.L. Møller: The cyanogenic glucoside composition of Zygaena filipendulae (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae) as effected by feeding wild-type and transgenic Lotus populations with variable cyanogenic glucoside profiles.  Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  37:10-18 (2007) 
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Publications 2006

  1. B.L. Møller, P. Høj and P.R. Jones: UDP-glucose aglycon-glucosytransferase.  United States Patent. Patent No. US 7,122,657 B2 (2006) 
  2. K.A. Nielsen, M. Hrmova, J.N. Nielsen, K. Forslund, S. Ebert, C.E. Olsen, G.B. Fincher and B.L. Møller: Reconstitution of cyanogenesis in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and its implications for resistance against the barley powdery mildew fungus.  Planta 223:1010-1023 (2006) 
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Publications 2005

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Publications 2004

  1. L.G. Thygesen, K. Jørgensen, B.L. Møller and S.B. Engelsen: Raman spectroscopic analysis of cyanogenic glucosides in plants. Development of a flow injection surface enhanced Raman scatter (FI-SERS) method for determination of cyanide.  Applied Spectroscopy 58: 212-217 (2004) 
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Publications 2003

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Publications 2002

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Publications 2001

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